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13th Street
Karen Stinnett,"13th Street" View details

We coined the term "Abstract Realism" to describe this collection of urban and rural landscapes - mostly realistic in their interpetation by the artists, but also often abstract and sometimes unworldly in their impact on the viewer. The artists who contribute to this collection each interprets these scenes in his or her own special way.

Pamela Polley is drawn to the abstract expressionists, though most of the cityscapes and exotic scenes you see here are basically realistic. One is not surprised to learn that she has a graduate degree in architecture. But at the same time, her paintings are concerned with discovering spirit -- the essence of an object, place or person that makes it special, gives it soul, and inspires.

A water colorist, Karen Stinnett can hardly remember a time when she was not painting. She has won numerous awards, including first prizes in the American National Miniature Show, "Watercolor: Southeast," Westmoreland Nationals, and the Savoir Faire Juried National Exhibition. She and her art were the subject of a feature article in Watercolor (1995).

New York artist Howard Skrill works mainly in acrylics. His powerful landscapes invariably address the scene as altered or impacted by the hand of man. Continually fascinated by the geometries emerging from the juncture of the man-made and natural worlds, he captures these on canvas in a unique way.

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