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Privacy Policy

Your communications with us are PRIVATE - period.

We respect your privacy above all else, and we do not share any information about our visitors or our clients with anyone. We consider all communications with you privileged information and would not even think of sharing it. We do not require that you enable cookies to view artworks or to order from our site, though this is useful for you and us if you want to add artworks to your personal collection. (Otherwise you will need to log in again each time you access it - this is the way it works).

If you ask us for information or gallery updates, we record your email address only for the purpose of sending you our answers, or our gallery updates to your specific request, i.e., the artist or collection you have selected. If you do not request specific information or gallery/artist updates, your email address is not recorded at all.

If you order from us and provide your credit card information online via our secure order form, this information is NOT stored on our server and is NOT vulnerable to compromise by "hacking." The data you enter is transferred to us securely, using ultra-high grade encryption, (not by open email) and the credit card charge is submitted manually via stand alone, secure credit card terminal. We can afford to do this because we do not sell thousands of low priced widgets per day, but rather higher priced artworks, each of which we wrap, pack, box, and ship by hand. In short - ours is the most secure commerce site you can find on the internet. We designed it this way because this is what our clientele expects and deserves.

We trust this explanation of our privacy/secure ordering policy is clear. If not, please ask us for clarification

N.B.: All rights to images and content are reserved by The Electric Gallery® or the artists and/or their trustees; they may not be reproduced without express permission.