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About The Electric Gallery (eGallery.com)

When eGallery opened its virtual doors in 1994, we had already been in the art business for many years, but this was the moment for a new sharing with art lovers around the world. At that time, we exhibited a relatively small collection of Haitian and other nave art; we now have clients in over 40 countries, and we represent almost two hundred carefully chosen artists.

Much thought, planning and work went into this (then) unusual way of exhibiting our art. The Electric Gallery became the first commercial art gallery on the Internet when the medium was very new to the majority of people. We were invited to address the first "World Internet Conference" in Washington DC that year, as one of the few successful internet retailers at that time. The initial impact was immediate and overwhelmingly positive, and remains so today.

We opened - with a true sense of wonder after two years of dreaming and planning - to create a space where some of the best art in the world could be seen and sold without having to travel far or deal with the BS. Our philosophy was to break down the barriers between artists, art, and art lovers and to create a place where the selling of art was taken away from the rarified air in which it was traditionally done to a simpler, less intimidating venue.

The impact to the viewer was immediate, personal and private - without the many limitations of a physical gallery. Great art by great artists now could be made available to anyone around the world with an internet connection. We wanted to give the viewer a private place to learn and explore about the art and artists we represent. Art and music, it is said, are the universal languages. These artists, with their own voices and their own special knowledge and self exploration, can perhaps ignite a spark in the viewer's mind to see with new eyes.

Our initial and continued goal is to be the best source of fine art on the Web. We want to establish a lifetime of personal and professional relationships with our clients. Our mottos will continue to be professionalism, knowledgeable assistance, experience, quality, timely service, and value. In other words, we want to be the best resource for your fine arts purchase.

Thank you for allowing us to share this with you.

N.B.: All rights to images and content are reserved by The Electric Gallery® or the artists and/or their trustees; they may not be reproduced without express permission.