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March 15th, 2020
Note to the below: Robert unfortunately just informed us that he had an epiphany and burned all the paintings in his possession. While we have at least one or two in our own inventory which remain available, it will take us some time to sort these out. Please contact us to confirm availability of any particular piece.

Robert Roberg's apocalyptic visions have been documented in scores of books and publications, and are in many prestigious collections, including the Smithsonian. We have added 18 new works by this outsider artist, and we have reduced many of the others in our collection by 30-40%, or as much as $1200. Please see the Price Reduced! notations on paintings in our "Folk/Outsider" Collection.

We have updated the Haitian Art Collection to include limited edition serigraphs by the renowned artists Rigaud Benoit and Wilmino Domond. These unusual serigraphs, replete with vodou symbolism, were beautifully produced in France in the early 1980s, on very heavy archival stock. They are shown exclusively in the Electric Gallery at very attractive prices.

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