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Howard Skrill
Howard Skrill lives in Brooklyn and paints the landscapes of New York, particularly Lower Manhattan, and the highways, swamps and towers of northern New Jersey. His powerful landscapes invariably address the natural scene as altered or impacted by the hand of man.

Skrill's formal art studies were at the State University of New York, College at Purchase, a public ivy with a conservatory program in visual arts, where he received his Fine Arts degree and the Faculty Award for Excellence in Painting and Drawing. He also studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Antioch College. While at Antioch, Skrill studied Buddhist philosphy and culture in Northern India. He also studied with a Tibetan traditional painter and engaged in a painting project that took him from one end of India to the other. His paintings have been exhibited throughout the northeast U.S., Maryland (one-person show) and in Washington, D.C.

"These works were brought forth through chance encounters with the natural world. The shapes and contours that form the images are drawn from a momentary glance at clouds that once passed quickly over a roadside or the reflection of noon-day sun on ice that filled a river during an intense New York winter. My object is to draw from these happenstance encounters an array of found geometries which I commit to paint on a two-dimensional surface. An image so composed - a fleeting instant brought to life - is like a snowflake, a unique object that could never be duplicated. Yet for all the chance and accident that go into its creation, each image still feels complete. This is one of the great mysteries of art and one that intrigues me most."

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