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Artists: Habacu Sangama H.

Habacu Sangama H.
"I have born in a place called Bethel Tipishca, that belongs to the Masisea District. My parents are Adolfo Sangama Dlaz and Graciele Herrera Reategui. My birth was a December 25, 19749 mY first studies I did it in Agua Negra a settlement with a beautiful lake that is why the name, when I was a I started to look at the beautiful views of this lake. My illusion was always to be a good professional painter! My mother and daddy educated me in the humbleness because we were of small economic resources. In 1982, we have moved to Pucallpa were I am still living with my parents.

I started to study in the secondary school and a certain day talking with my father about the very famous painter and his school of art that we watched on the tv program. I told my dad that I want to be a student in Usko-Ayar because I like to paint very much, my father told me that he knew to don Pablo since he was young was famous too. I became a student on 1991 where there is a lot of good behaivour and respect in the work. in 1992 I became a teacher of the school.

Since that time I started to study all what is concerning about the jungle to get ahead with the school through our paintings."

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