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The Usko-Ayar (Quecha term for "Spiritual Prince") is more than an art school. It is an institution devoted to the rescue and preservation of the knowledge and the traditions of the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon. Their art is a documentation of the flora, fauna, and culture of the Amazon, and it promotes and preserves the traditional knowledge of medicinal and other plants of this region.

The Usko-Ayar School was founded by the famous shaman and painter Pablo Cesar Amaringo, whose artworks, mystical teachings and experiences, and ecological accomplishments in preserving the South American rainforest environment have been widely documented and recognized.

The young Usko-Ayar painters are inspired by the flora and fauna of this jungle habitat, and recreate their personal experience in their paintings. Ranging in age from 8 to 24 years, these artists come from humble families. The descriptions of many of the paintings that you see here are the translations into English of the comments of the painters themselves, hand-written on the backs of the paintings along with the Usko-Ayar documentation.

While most of the paintings in this collection are realistic jungle scenes, many of Don Amaringo's paintings, and a few of the students' works are "visionary" paintings inspired by ayahuasca or tales of its use. You may browse all of the visionary paintings separately from the entire collection.

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