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Artists: Dennis Rengifo G.

Dennis Rengifo G.
DENNIS RENGIFO GALLARDO: "I was born in Tamanco, Fanache river, a branch of the Ucayali river, on December 24, 1970. I am the son of don Luis Rengifo Ochoa and doña Manuela Gallardo Huansi, When I was 3 my mother has died and my aunt took care of me. When I was 6 I was walking the virgin forest together with my mother and brother to hunt for having the daily food to eat. He also took care of me and with him I was going to the higher and low jungle and climbing mountains as the Cerro de Canchahuayo and its hills and also to the Cerro Azul del Shesha and walking and crossing by lakes and swamps in the low jungle.

"I became a hunter and a fisherboy when I was 7, this happened in Orellana when I moved to live there I have not grown together with my my father. He has moved to live in yarinacocha where I studied till the fifth grade in a primary school then I came to Pucallpa working in making buildings. Since I was 12 I was alone living by myself because my aunt I was living with, she died. When I was 15, I went to live in Ugarte, where I met to don Pablo Amaringo Shuna, who took me as an employee for two years and then he adopted me as his son. I was the first of his painting students on May 1987. I started to paint with don Pablo's school, painting landscapes to give to the world for knowing about the art that is in the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting that young people are doing.

"My first collective exhibition was in September 1987 and another ones in Lima and in many other parts of Peru, Europe and U.S.A. In 1990, don Pablo Amaringo was invited to travelled to U.S.A. for many scientifics till Finland in Europe, so I have accompanied to him for representing to the school. I was very worried and happy at the same time because I never had traveled abroad and I had the opportunity to know Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Cincinnati, New York. In Berkeley we visited to the helicopter inventor Arthur Young; then we continued traveling to Stockholm, Finland, Carkila, Porvoo, Turkiye.

"I am very thankful of don Pablito because he is giving me a good education through the art and also to love the nature because they are living creatures too and that they can help us when we need them. I want also to thank many other persons who are helping to the school and to them for make it all those travels possible. In 1994, in October I travelled to Brazil, invited for an organization U.D.V. Union de Vegetal, for giving them the objectives of the school in Sao Paulo, Campinas, and Brasilia where I made a studio of painting with children from 7 till adults of 32 years old, they were very happy for my way of teaching them that I had much peace in my person."

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