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Artists: Carina Liz Guerra S.

Carina Liz Guerra S.
"I was born on May 18 1976 Tuesday at 10:15 a.m. in Gervacio Santillana Street, in Huanta, province of Huanta and Ayacucho Department. It is situated in the southwest of Peru in the highlands with a dry and warm weather. Ayacucho is the union of two Quechua words: Aya=muerto, Cucho=Rincon or corner of the dead in memory of the glorious battle for the Peruvian independency and America (December 9 1824).

"My parents are Don Alvaro Guerra and doña Nora Jesus Saavedra Vila, both of Peruvian nationality. I come from a medium class family and I am the third child. Since I was young I was very shy to speak but I was very curious to investigate about things and to see them and then to analyze them where they come from and so forth. My curiosity was so big that a day I have opened my doll to see how it sings and how its eyes were open and close.

"My father moved to the east Amazon Region where he found a better job. My mother was working hard for giving our food and thanks to her and my grand parents I grew well. My mother was sacrificing herself for going very early to sell in the market vegetables and fruits. She gave us much love but she always was tired after working hard. She taught me goodness, to be honest, to respect the neighbors and also to study as a whole person in life has.

"For selling in the market she learned to speak Quechua language and when I was small she was telling me some stories in Quecha that sometimes I was afraid of them. I am a quiet person; my mum told me that when I was a baby I was many hours alone without crying. In my childhood I was playing with my brothers and a nana who helped me in my education. I liked to read books and my dream was to have a big library. On January 1989 my father arrived from Pucallpa so then my whole family moved to live in Pucallpa because in that time Ayacucho was a dangerous place for the terrorism. Getting there all was different - the people, the weather, it was like a new life for my family.

"In 1990 in the high school I have heard about Usko Ayar from a friend when I told her that I like to paint and as I come from a painter's family. The encouragement of Melody Toledo my friend was important and in 1992 I became a student of Usko Ayar which means Spiritual Prince. I saw how people were giving me friendship as a family and I started drawing and then painting. I am learning painting and other things from don Pablo Amaringo and I am learning theater with the Colombian teacher who is in Usko Ayar and his name is Hernan Gomez Decactro. I had some shows last year with the theater group of the school about legends of the jungle.

"Usko Ayar is a very comfortable place and don Pablo our director, gives us daily wise advice about life that are important in the human behavior. When I paint as is the style of the school I do by the sky first, then the water, the mountain, the trees and the animals, etc. To paint is beautiful because one puts a bit of yourself and one values the time using in each painting because is a part of life and time. How marvelous is to learn about this beautiful things that nature gives us."

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