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Artists: Claude Dambreville

Claude Dambreville
Claude Dambreville was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, December 17, 1934. He is renowned for using flat colors, "strong light and deep shadows" particularly to depict his favorite subject - women of the markets. Dambreville's paintings have an esthetic value that immediately catches the eye of the viewer. He is not satisfied to reproduce his models realistically so much as to capture the expressive line and form which gives these figures their essential character. He has a unique ability to use these techniques to show the strength, the dignity, and the grace of his subjects. His art is much too sophisticated to be included in the Haitian "primitive" category, yet retains that honestly naive character of great Haitian art.

The artist's formal training includes the study of artistic anatomy at "L'Atelier," under Nehemy. It is there that he met the famous artist Petion Savain, whose daughter he married in 1973. While best known for his art, Dambreville is also a journalist and a writer, and in the period 1956-1968 he was Director of the radio station Radio-Tropiques. He is the author of over 100 stories and articles, and of the novel "Coup de Tonnere." He co-authored the novel "L'Amerique Saigne" with Franck Etienne.

Dambreville has had one man shows thoughout Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the U.S., and his paintings are sought after by knowledgable collectors. He was sponsored by President and Mrs. Mitterand in shows at Paris and in Nime in 1991. His collectors include - aside from the Mitterands - Pierre Cardin and Denzel Washington, among many others.

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