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Despite the hardships and political trauma suffered by this country, Haiti remains a wellspring of creativity and imagination. Many of the painters exhibited here hang in prestigious galleries and museums. All of them are well-known and collectible artists.

We have added a number of authentic antique voodoo (more correctly vodou or voudou) banners to this collection. Haitian Voodoo Flags (drapo vodou) are a powerful art form created exclusively for the vodou ritual. You may browse voodoo flags within our larger Haitian Art Collection. You can also select from the list of Haitian painters to go directly to their works (Artist Locator - above right). You may also want to visit our new Under $350 section for a large selection of original paintings, many of which are nicely framed, at very reasonable prices. We have also added a very unusual pair of limited edition serigraphs to this section, each beautifully produced in France in the 1980s, and which have only just now come to light.

A short bibliography is attached for those who would like to delve into the history and mysteries of Haitian art and vodou (voudou or voodoo). These books contain stunning illustrations of the works of Haitian artists, many of whom are on exhibition here in the Electric Gallery. You may also be interested in The Art & Soul of Haitian Cooking, a 264-page, hardbound reflection of the flavor and spirit of Haiti. In addition to hundreds of authentic recipes, it is richly illustrated with art from our gallery.

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