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Artists: Guillermo Acuna M.

Guillermo Acuna M.
GUILLERMO ACUNA MONTELUIS: "I was born in Pucallpa on February 1976. My parents are Sagundo Acuna Reategui and Jenny Monteluis Tamani. My primary and secondardy studies I did it in Pucallpa. Since I was a boy I really like to work and to have good notes in the school with a good behaviour so that I give the thanks to my parents because they taught me to respect to the old ones. I am a happy boy, healthy and I do not have any bad custm. I do not drink alcohol and also I do not smoke cigarettes. I like to have a healthy life.

"Since I started to study in the Usko Ayar Amazonian School of Painting in 1992, I am approaching a lot and I know what it means to be honest and to be a humble person. I had an apportunity to travel to Iquitos together with 20 students of the school for working in the Sachamama Ethnobotanical Garden that belongs to Usko Ayar. I was so glad being in such a marvelous place.

"I am 18 and I am continuing learning about the secrets that nature gives us. Because I like art very much am helping in the school as I can do it. I will continue studying to be a professional in future."

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