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Artists: Jaime Vargas S.

Jaime Vargas S.
JAIME VARGAS SAAVEDRA: "I am a student of the high school and a student in the Usko-Ayar Amazonian Scool of Painting too; I was born on December 23, 1977 in the Pucallpa city. My father is Jaime Vargas Coral and my mother Nancy Saavedra Rubio. She is a house-wife, we are three brothers. Since I was 9 I already had the interest about drawing and when I was 10 I wished to learn how to paint. In the high school when I was 13 My classmates told me about Usko-Ayar and I decided to study there.

"I started to draw for a while then I started to paint and I like very much because the teachings are very different than normal or national high schools here and this is very special. Now, I want to paint what my eyes look at, and that with faith, hope and much practice I will be doing it, and also I try to tell people how important is nature and the environment for human beings to live on earth."

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