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Artist Custom Painted Frames

Most of the paintings in this wing are available with custom frames hand-painted by the artist to complement the painting itself. This is absolutely the best way exhibit these pieces, as the artist creates each frame individually to match the colors and motifs of the image. Each frame is a unique, original work of art in itself, and takes approximately four weeks to complete. Use the following as a guide to your cost for artist custom-painted frames (price is for frame only, add cost of artwork). Finished sizes up to 37x45 inches overall can be shipped Fedex; larger sizes will need to be crated and shipped via motor freight ($100 - $150 shipping within the US).

Please contact us separately to order or discuss Artist Custom Painted Framing, as we will need to coordinate with the artist for the creation of this unique artwork. Some types of framing may not be judged by the artist as appropriate, so we may have to negotiate the actual configuration.

Image SizeFinished Size*Price
3-inch flat profile wooden molding, linen matte
15x15 or 18x18 inches31x31 inches$1250
18x18, 20x20, or 24x24 inches35x35 inches$1400
16x24 inches32x40 inches$1600
4-inch flat profile wooden molding, linen matte
24x36 or 27x37 inches44x56 inches$1800
30x44 inches50x64 inches$2400
4 1/2-inch sloped/rounded wooden molding, linen matte
15x15 or 18x18 inches36x36 inches$1400
18x18 or 20x20 inches41x41 inches$1600
16x24 inches37x45 inches$1600
30x30 inches49x49 inches$1900
24x36 inches43x55 inches$2000
27x37 inches47x57 inches$2200
30x44 inches50x64 inches$2400
*Finished Size Approximate

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