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Artists: Adrian Wong Shue

Adrian Wong Shue
Adrian Wong Shue was born on the Caribbean island of Jamaica in the West Indies when the island was still a British Colony. His formal studies were in Kingston, Jamaica and Los Angeles, California. He exhibits widely in many major galleries throughout the United States, as well as in Jamaica, Korea, India, France, and Germany. A current exhibition of his work (February through April, 2006) is touring galleries in two German cities.

Although Wong Shue is popularly known for his intricate paintings on Japanese natsume and Chinese rice paper, his oeuvre of recent decades, on a wider scale, consists of a much varied range of media. These include drawings in pastels, charcoal, ink, and pencil, as well as woodcuts and etchings. His paintings consist of oil on canvas, gouache, acrylic, and watercolor. The more distinctly figurative works by the artist are often executed from a combination of direct visual observation with live models and images often drawn from his prolific imagination.

Some of the artist's current work is influenced by his early exposure to local island art that was primarily West African in origin. However, his more figuratively inclined oil paintings and drawings reflect his early, formal training during the 1960's at Kingston College under Professor Alexander Cooper and his tutorship under Chinese drawing master Alfred Chin in Kingston, Jamaica. Given the varied influences in Wong Shue's background - formal training in a British inspired academic atmosphere, tutorship in the traditional Asian discipline of art, and early exposure to local Caribbean island art - it is not surprising that the artist's current work shows more than traces of his formative years. Adrian Wong Shue currently works from his studio in Los Angeles, California.

Our current exhibit includes all of the artist's hand-pulled serigraphs now available on the primary market, and an exclusive collection of recent paintings. We also feature selected works from the artist's private collection representing various periods and categories of his work as described here. You may view all the artist's work using the "all items" link at the right, or view his paintings and drawings, or separately, his available serigraphs.

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