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Joel Bardales F.
JOEL BARDALES F: "I was born in Pucallpa, on October 30, 1978. I am the only child of my parents, who are separated. I live with my mother and grandparents, in a poor district near the school. I have always been very curious about the traditions and customs of my ancestors. When I was little I accompanied my grandmother to the church. I understand now that spirituality is a very important element for the good formation of a person. I also learned very much about the myths, legends and stories of Amazonian people.

"To tell the truth, art didn't interest me so much. What I really wanted was to study medicine. But when I was eleven years a cousin took me to the Usko­Ayar school, and I became enthusiastic about drawing and painting. Don Pablo became like a father to me, because my parents separated when I was one year old, and my father has an another family. When I was still small my paternal aunt took me for a visit to another town, but she did not return me and my mother had to work hard in the market­place to get money to go to fetch me back.

"My work has been exhibited a few times and when I participated in an art competition in my school I got the first prize. I like very much the music from my region, I know some songs, and I also know some traditional dances."

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