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Bouquet de Tulipes
Pierre Auguste Renoir
"Bouquet de Tulipes" View details

Unlike the vast majority of reproductions, these limited edition, hand pulled lithographs represent the finest examples of the printmaker's art. Each of many colors is pressed separately in an intricate, time-consuming process. The final product is a rare artwork - a delight in itself - regardless of the original image.

The Pablo Picasso pieces are hand-pulled stone lithographs, editions of 500 each, on heavy,100% acid free archival arches stock, and are from original works in the artist's estate. They are the only reproductions authorized of these works. They were commissioned by his heir and daughter, and are numbered and hand signed "Collection of Marina Picasso" on the front and accompanied by a certification of authenticity from the estate of the artist on the reverse.

The Renoir pieces are limited edition hand-pulled lithographs, 950 or 1000 each, and were commissioned from original works by the artist by his grandson and sole heir, Paul Renoir. They were produced at the Maison Mourlot, Paris, one of the world's premier print makers, on 250-gram, 100% acid free archival arches. Each is hand signed and numbered by Paul Renoir, and bears the cachet d'atelier Renoir on the lower right corner and the cachet "Mourlot Paris" on the lower left.

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