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"L'art ne viens pas coucher dans les lits qu'on a faits pour lui; ..Ses meilleurs moments sont quand il oublie comment il s'appelle."  ["Art does not lie down on the bed that is made for it; ..Its best moments are when it forgets what it is called."] - Jean Dubuffet

Folk art refers generally to the work of self-taught artists who create art in their own style and without the presumptions and inhibitions instilled by formal training. 'Outsider Art' is more difficult to pin down. It owes nothing to the latest trends or fashions; it stems from the very heart of human expression, from the primal creative urge. This is the way it derives its power and meaning.

This wing contains original paintings by a wide variety of artists, including American, European, Latin American and Caribbean painters, whose art reflects their own view of the world and what they see in it. Most of them have attracted wide attention, and are well-known and valued highly among collectors.

We have recently reduced the prices of a number of paintings in this collection. Please select price reduced to see all items on sale at this time.

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