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Artists: Juan Edwin Manuyama P.

Juan Edwin Manuyama P.
JUAN EDWIN MANUYAMA PACAYA: I was born in the 28 de Julio settlement in 1974. My parents are don Victor Manuyama Maytahuari, who is an agricultor, and doña Luzmila Pacaya Timani. I am a son from a very humble family. My first studies I have made in Pucallpa, because since I was small my parents moved to live in Pucallpa; so I am still studying the high school in the third degree.

"I like very much the subject about art. since I was small I like to draw and when my parents saw to me they wanted for me to study Fine Arts but it was imposible for not having enough money to pay monthly those studies, it happened when I was 10 years old. The time was passing and still I was practicing to draw, I was wanting to learn how to paint, so I started to practice by myself. A certain day when I was in the market square, I listened a group of ladies talking about the Usko-Ayar School, and I asked to one of them the address and she gave to me. I came back at my home and I told my parents about the school and they decided for me to study there saying to me, if you wish to learn how to paint you must do it.

"I was drawing for three months about and the director said to me: It is time for you to start painting; I was so happy learning many things but at ends of 1991, I asked a permission to the director for two years because I had to go for serving in the army and when I finished I returned back to continue with my painting studies.

"My thanks for the founder and of the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting don Pablo Amaringo Shuna, because he is teaching us many things about art. The school is small but there is honesty, and respect, I am glad being a student, becaure I am learning much from the teachers whom give us good advices. My objective of the school is to protect and preserve the environment by encouraging to the youth through the art education.

"I am 21 years old and we are six brothers. My hobby is to practice sports everyday."

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