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Artists: Julio Hurtado P.

Julio Hurtado P.
"I was born in the Fray Martin town, that is near the Pucallpa city, capital of the Callerta district, a sunday of April 18, 1976, at 6:45 a.m. Pucallpa's name comes from two quechua voices: Puca - red and Allpa - earth, that means red earth. Pucallpa is situated to 154 ms. on the level sea, to 782 kms. from Lima city, and 990 kms. from Iquitos city, by the Ucayali river.

"My parents: Don Eleodoro Hurtado Perez (who has died when I was six months after I have born) and Doña Teresa Panduro Guerre, both of Peruvian nationality. My father came from a rich family, so that he developed himself in many subjects. He always thought to help to the others as his possibilities, and his desire was that the Hurtado's family can live in union, peace, and happiness; that he did not see for his sudden death.

"He loved nature. Since my father died the things had changed for my family, so that I come from a humble home without much money and I have four brothers. My mother has suffered a lot for bringing up to us, she was getting up very early to go to the market every day for selling and to make many other activities for our daily bread. Since I was four I was thinking to work for me to help to my mother and to share with my brothers. I have studied my primary school at the Arenal No 64019 (since 1982 to 1988), my high school in Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe high school, till second year.

"I am very timid since my childhood, passive, player, and very curious. I have suffered many illnesses till I almost died, so that now a days I am thin. I am 1.78 tall, my hobby is reading, I write up in my free time. I like to look at the nature carefully to make my paintings and to give to the world the beauty and mistic jungle, so that I paint high and complicated jungles."

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