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Artists: Gil Rengifo T.

GIL RENGIFO T.: I was born in Pucallpa in 1967. When I was four years old my father passed away and my mother worked to get a school education for three children. She married again after years and for a while it seemed possible that my new step father would help me economically to study in the university. But soon his relatives started to protest against it.

Now I work the evening shift of a primary school and study pedagogy in the mornings. In my free time I study at Usko Ayar school and play soccer or other sports. I am the only one who supports my family financially, since my sister only occasionally gets a job. My main concern is to work hard to give my mother a good life from now on. When I entered Usko Ayar, I first had a conversation with maestro Pablo Amaringo about the attitudes that one has to develop in the school: discipline, love, respect, honesty, justice and charity towards other people. He instructs us with philosophical, noble words in the course of our studies; he guides and helps us. In fact I have never known a person like Pablo Amaringo. He is more than a friend can be; I do not have words to express myself.

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