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Artists: Alfredo Zagaceta C.

Alfredo Zagaceta C.
"I was born in Pucallpa on April 5, 1977. My parents are very poor. I am their fifth child. Since I was little I wanted to learn English, but my parents could not afford sending me to a private academy to learn the language."

"I heard that the Usko­Ayar school gave free lessons in painting and English language, and on June 6, 1989 I was admitted. To make my living I worked in sawmills, washed cars and fished. I also know how to cultivate medicinal and food plants, such as manioc, maize, tomatoes and potatoes."

"After two years learning to paint, I started to study English. For two years I lived in the school. In this way I was able to learn more quickly. I also learned to love and respect the environment. After that I went to live with my parents to help them as much as I could. I continue assisting to the Usko­Ayar school, where I learn about spiritual things: to be honest, to tell always the truth, to work. I like to paint nature, and I want to encourage other students to respect the environment, because this planet is our home, and it is our task to take care of it. I like music, and can play the flute and several local instruments such as the quena, zampoña, and others."

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