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Artists: Pierre Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir
These limited edition hand-pulled lithographs were commissioned from original works by the artist by his grandson and sole heir, Paul Renoir. They were produced in the 1992-1993 period at the Maison Mourlot, Paris, perhaps the world's premier fine art print maker, on 250-gram, 100% acid free archival arches paper. Each is hand signed and numbered by Paul Renoir, and bears the cachet d'atelier Renoir on the lower right corner and the cachet "Mourlot Paris" on the lower left.

It took many weeks of expert handwork to prepare the 30 or more individual plates used to make the similar number of impressions (one for each color) for each of these lithographs, and to pull each print by hand through all 30+ impressions. This hand-drawn, direct transfer from plate to paper is a technique ordinarily used only by individual craftsmen for low-volume lithographs. Maison Mourlot, now in its third or fourth generation of artisans, is one of the few houses still doing such work on a substantial scale.

The result, in this instance, is the absolutely finest prints we have ever seen. The clarity and the colors of these editions, on such noble stock, are unsurpassed in our experience.

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