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Harry Mires V.
HARRY MIRES VILLACORTA: "I was born in Pucallpa on October 13 1977. My parents were don Jose Alejandro Mires Cachique and doña Celestina Villacorta. I had a happy childhood. I went to kindergarden when I was 5 in the Victoria Garcia Boniffatti, I was a very living boy but my parents died so that my brothers took care of me and I continued my primary studies in the Arenal primary school No 64016, finishing satisfactorily and having some diplomas. My secondary studies I started in the Immaculada high school then in the Yarinacocha National school.

"Since I was a boy I did like painting and when I was 10, I decided to be a student in the Usko Ayar Amazonian School of Painting and I am still here studying now. I left studying painting for two years about, then I came back to study again. I am temporarily living in the school learning how to speak English as many others. We are studying and painting with as much enthusiam as when we started studying."

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