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Arturo Cumapa S.
"On May 25, 1971 I was born in Pucallpa and my parents are don Arturo Cumapa Taricuarima, a worker and doña Antonia Salinas Arirama, a housewife. They have 5 children - two girls and three boys.

"I learned to work when I was 5 helping to my daddy every day down to work in his tricycle and also sometimes helping to my mother at home. I started to study in a primary school when I was 7. Because I was ill till the age 14, I stopped, then I continued studying the high school till I was 20 in 1991.

"In 1992 I started to study First Aid, the same year I knew about the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting through a cousin who came from Lima looking after his father, so he brought me to don Pablo Amaringo's humble home. Since that time I became a student learning about the amazonic art and all what is concerning to the flora and fauna of the Amazon.

"In 1993, don Pablo Amaringo the Director called me and two other students and said since now you will be teachers. For me it was a real happiness - I was wanting to cry of emotion and now I am going ahead. So I continue studying nursing and I come to the school when I have some time. In 1993 I started painting on Lanaquarelle. It was difficult because I felt never I could finish it but then I did it with time. I am acquiring more knowledge all the time. I am painting because I discover new useful things doing it.

"Studying in Usko-Ayar for me is very important to be more patient and I learn here things that never learn in other parts during my whole life. And we have the spiritual education that is very important in human's life."

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