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Artists: Moises Llerena T.

Moises Llerena T.
"I was born in 1975 in the village of Tamanco by the right shore of the river Ucayali, at the distance of about 48 hours by boat from Pucallpa in winter and 72 hours in summer. I am the eighth child of twelve; we are six boys and six girls in my family. My parents have maintained us by cultivating and keeping some animals. I passed my childhood in Tamanco only until 5 years of age, after that my parents moved to another village where my father got work as a mechanic. In 1986 my eldest brother died and my parents decided to move to Pucallpa.

I went to school and started to play music in a group. Once there was a pancarta where I drew a Shipibo woman with her child and a priest who saw it encouraged me to study art. I began to ask around and as Usko Ayar was the only school where one could study for free it suited me. This year I finished secondary school and entered to study electricity in an institute but my economic situation did not permit me that so now I continue painting."

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