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Artists: Jose Augusto Galan R.

Jose Augusto Galan R.
"I have been born in Yarinacocha, a town near Pucallpa city, on July 16 1980. My parents are Augusto Galan Sanchez and Eva Ramirez. I come from a family of poor economic resources. I liked drawing since I was a child and I used to draw animals, plants and other things. My parents always said of me that one day I will be a good one on drawing. My primary school I did it well and in my free time I was drawing always. I started to study the high school when I was 13 and I was painting always in the high school and the teacher took me to the direction where to the next day my parents were there and the director of the high school told my parents about a school of painting.

My parents went to Usko Ayar and talked with don Pablo Amaringo and he accepted for me to study in his school of art. I am learning how to paint landscapes about the jungle and I am learning English little by little."

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