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Artists: Marcelina Vasquez R.

Marcelina Vasquez R.
"I was born on July 14, 1977 in the Cruzeiro Do Sul ACRE in Brazil. My parents are Dr. Antonio Holonda Do Nacimento and Mrs. Arley Rurange Moreyra but they did not understand each other and after five years of living together they divorced for not having a comprehension and my mother with me traveled to Peru - Pucallpa - and she got married gain with a man from Chiclayo, Don Lizardo Vasquez Iturria who recognized me as his daughter and I got Peruvian documents. He has changed my first surname as his and that is why my name is now Marley Vasquez Rurange.

"My father now a days is a manager of a hotel and my mother is a housewife and she makes also shoes with thread and swimming costumes and earrings. I like to play organ, guitar and I sing in Portugese. I came to study in the Usko Ayar Amazonian School of Painting since March 1992. I am learning to paint and in my free time I like to read the Bible and make shoes as my mother makes. I like to listen to the evangelic music and to read the newspaper. I am also studying the third degree in the CEMBA high school."

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