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Miguel Pinedo P.
MIGUEL PINEDO P.: "I was born on November 1, 1963; in the Languages Institute of Summer, situated on the banks of the Yarinacocha lake 8 kilometers from Pucallpa city. I am living since my childhood till now in San Jose de Yarinacocha. I grew up in a humble family - we are five but I am the only man and I have four sisters. My father Augusto Pinedo Reyna and my mother Luise Pinedo Silva, as I remember her as a evangelic cristian and she lead me in the Christian values. When I was young I got a very dangerous accident that almost I died. I was playing with my cousins as all living boys of my uncles; when one of my cousins took an old gun of my ancestors and shot to me, they took me on emergency to the 'L.I.S.' clinic where I was feeling I was losing myself into a cold and dark tunnel. The shot was in my head and I suffer since that time of a nervous tension, losing memory and forgetting easily things. I have strong head aches, and having problems to speak and many others concerning to my head. So I study the third grade in the primary school for three times, when I was 1O my parents decided do not study because I had those problems always I was crying all the time, fighting with my sisters because they knew more than me in their studies; but when I was 11 I learned to read what a happiness for me it was like a window has opened for me, in my mind."

"During my childhood and all those years of adventure I was a lover of football, becoming one of the best in the place I live and in the school. My father was happy for it, he liked for me to play football. He did not tell me but he was buying me many balls, everybody were saying to him that I was too good with a good future, I fell in vanity that I thought to be the best over the world, so and I was practicing along. I played for a Dos de Mayo club when I was 14, a day playing with old people one of the players broke my two legs where I was so painful and took me once more to the L.I.S. clinic. I felt my dreams getting down and down, I spent 8 months laying on bed without walking, so I used my mind and my hands especially on learning drawing, drawing and drawing as I never did it. It was my first school I had as reading and reading books and also writing. When I was 15 I went to the high school helping myself to walk with canes. I finished my studies when I was 20 in 1983. Next year I beceme a student in the Instituto Superior Tecnologico, and as a young I was going to the meeting in the church so with a group I was singing, playing guitar and so on. I left my studies that I was doing for not having money to support my family, so I started to work in my parents farm. In the mean time I was writing songs and 1990-91 I studied music in Pucallpa and that time I wrote two literary works titled 'Biblic Drawings' and 'Of the Daily life,' so I wanted to publish them and I went to Lima but I did not get it and I came back to write the third one titled 'Poems, Verses, and bouquet of beautiful Stories,' finishing in 1993. In the same year I became a student in the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting."

"In the begining of 1994 when I was studying about the school and its goals I got an idea of writing my fourth book very ecologic that is almost finished. The jobs in the music and literature made possible to get in Usko-Ayar with a goal of improving my artistic life. The school is very special not only for that but as a help and the school is for me now very important in my life. I am discovering things that I did not know as to love and respect the environment and to teach to the other ones to do it all over the world. I always dream to become a good artist, that could not be possible if God did not change my youth with many responsibilities in my church - as director in the music department, teacher and ministering. I was studying theology in many cities of my country. As a farmer I like the fields, living in the nature near the caws, and I have real friends. I am more than 30 years old and I am trying to get the goal I decided with much sincerity, so that I did not decide yet to have marriage responsabilities."

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