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Artists: Limber Juan Almeyda P.

Limber Juan Almeyda P.
"I was born in Pucallpa 29 years ago. I am the fourth of six children. My father is a humble state employee; my mother is a housewife. When I was 10 years old I became seriously ill recovering some years later. When I was little I wanted to be a soccer player and for a while was the goal keeper of the team of my school. When I was 17 the teacher in my school told us to read any book we could find of a Peruvian author. I remember an old book that was once on the book shelf at home. It was a novel by Ciro Alegria "The world is wide and strange." I read it and since then became very interested in literature.

"I finished high school in 1985. I wanted to study medicine but my financial limitations prevented me from doing so. I studied language and literature and became a teacher. But I was not satisfied with this. I went to Lima trying to get a better education but I had to return for lack of money. Then I went to Trujillo, Iquitos and Benjamin Constant. In all these places I went through terrible difficulties. I went back to Pucallpa as a beaten man, but then I heard about Usko Ayar school and enrolled in it. I have been at school since and am very happy to be a part of this beautiful group of people, working under the guidance of Pablo Amaringo. I am grateful that I am being taught for free."

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