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Artists: Alan Dubreuil

Alan Dubreuil
Alan Dubreuil was born in Port au Prince July 14, 1971, and died tragically in the Haitian earthquake of January, 2010. In a period of only a few years, he established a very distinctive new style, combining many traditional motifs, including mystical symbols, with a new approach to colors and the human figure. Some of his favorite subjects are women, whom he paints in surrealistic settings using a pallette knife in an impasto manner as well as the traditional brush. But his other subject matter defies description and must be examined carefully to be understood.

Dubreuil He began drawing as a child, and after finishing secondary school attended Enarts (the National Art School of Haiti), where he learned the use of color and the techniques of style from his teachers Cedor and Ralph Allen. His first international exposition was at the Embassy of Haiti in Washington, D.C in December, 1995. Dubreuil said of his art: "I think that it's very good for me to show the best or the worst inside of me; this is why I am a surrealistic painter."

As far as we ourselves are concerned, at the time of his death Dubreuil was perhaps the foremost new generation Haitian artist.

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