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Artists: Wellington Curichimba Marin

Wellington Curichimba Marin
"I was born on May 27, 1972 in the Iquitos City in the Loreto Region; my parents are Purificacion Curichimba Escobar and Lilia Marfa Nuflez. They decided to move to live in Pucallpa when I was three years. Since I was a boy I liked to draw, I have studied my primary school without any problem and I started to work very little when my mother was selling food on the streets and I have finished my high school when I was 16. I did not study for not having sufficient economic resources, then I travelled to Tarepoto working hard to live there and when I was 17, I went to the Army for the Military Service.

"During that time I was in Guepi and in Iquitos. I got off the army and I came back to Tarapoto and for second time I went to the army again and I went to lima as a soldier and I was the a radio operator and I made some letters and I painted some peruvian heroes. In 1992 I returned to Pucallpa leaving the army because my mother was very ill, I started to work hard and also I was visiting some friends. A lady Mirna Acosta Rulz told me about don Pablo Amaringo and his school of Painting so I became also a student, drawing first and then painting. So I like very much this teaching about humbleness, sincerity and so on. I felt myself to the people studying here as my family. Don Pablo is a good person with much love in his heart that encourages to people to go always ahead. I like to give knowledge about art and the culture of this region, I am very happy making all the possible to show how beautiful is the amazon area and to save the rain forest.

"To the young people; we must be always together working for the well-being of the society to help people over the world, because there is much poverty and hunger and with your help we will help them."

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