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Pamela Polley
Pamela Jane Polley was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois with ancestral ties to the Appalachian region of the southeastern U.S. She studied art and architecture at Miami University, and in 1986 received a Master's degree in architecture. In 1983, under the direction of Judith Bing and Robert Dinsmore, she began what would be a life-long quest into the discovery of the "spirit of place," or genius loci. Her designs for a recreation center in Cincinnati and a school for artists in Venice, Italy (sponsored by the 1984 Venice Biennale) reflected these early findings. While at Miami, she furthered her watercolor skills under the tutelage of William Owlsley, and often presented her architectural designs in this medium.

Under the guidance of Rocio Rodriguez, she also began an exploration into oil painting and she discovered how paintings could actually embody the spirit she attempted to portray in her architectual designs. Upon graduation, she apprenticed with several architectural firms and generated a series of paintings based on architectural preservation, self-designed structures, and historic European city planning. Ms. Polley has had numerous solo shows in the midwest.

On Painting: "Throughout my explorations into art and achitecture, I have been concerned with discovering spirit-- the essence of an object, place or person that makes it special, gives it soul, inspires. I consider my painting a celebration of the visual: I use strong color, defined brushwork and an expressionistic style to evoke emotion in the viewer, encouraging an awakening within. I am drawn to the abstract expressionists Frankenthaler, Kline and Rothko for their sense of fluid mystery and intense color, although I prefer to maintain a connection to literal representation similar to the late impressionists Bonnard and Vuillard, perhaps to find magic in the familiar, 'redefining to reawaken.' Much of my past and current work deals with variations on a theme - places and people with whom I am familiar, always executed in series to give the viewer a more comprehensive insight into my vision.

"It is my hope that my work is able to draw you in, possibly challenge you at first, but always leave you with an energy and inject you with a sense of spirit that speaks to your soul."

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