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Artists: Rose-Marie Desruisseau

Rose-Marie Desruisseau
Desruisseau, one of Haiti's foremost female artists, was born August 30, 1933 in Port-au-Prince, and died in 1988. She studied at Haiti's Academy of Fine Arts, and began painting at a young age. In the words of Nadal and Bloncourt, "she devoted herself to the worship of color and form." She sought out and worked with many of Haiti's most famous artists, including Petion Savain, Luckner Lazard, Dieudonne Cedor, Nehemy Jean, and Antonio Joseph.

In the 1960s she became deeply involved in Vodou, and her strongest work is dominated by vodou themes. Desruisseau's work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the Americas, and is prized by collectors worldwide.

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