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Artists: Dieuseul Paul

Born in Damiens, Haiti in 1952, Dieuseul Paul died in 2006. He is an internationally-known artist, one of the five founders of the Saint-Soleil school of art in Haiti in 1973. As with his colleagues and fellow-founders Prospere Pierre Louis and Louisianne St-Fleurant, he has exhibited in many countries - notably in a one-man show in Rome, as well as in many shows and gallery exhibits in France, Belgium, Germany and Japan.

The Saint-Soleil painters, who were "discovered" in the early 1970's by Andre Malraux, are heavily influenced by the voudou religion. They paint as if mounted or "possessed" by the Voodoo loas, or spirits, and so they paint what the spirit wants, or reveals to them in dreams. As Malraux further puts it: "it is impossible to determine where it came from or to whom it speaks." In L'Intemporal, Malraux quotes Louisianne Saint-Fleurant to the effect that: "It is through Vodou that we would best approach the creative process of the Saint Soleil painters. In the final analysis, the painter paints because he or she is 'mounted' (possessed) and paints what the loa wants."

Paul, along with San Soleil School co-founder Levoy Exil was one of the last of the original Saint-Soleil painters still alive and painting until his recent death. We expect his work, along with the other pioneers of this school, to appreciate in esteem and most certainly in value in the future.

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