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Artists: Adam Leontus

Adam Leontus was born in 1928 in Anse-a-Galets on the island of Gonave in the Bay of Port-au-Prince. He died in 1986.

Leontus worked in many professions before he was able to make a living with his art, though he joined the Centre d'Art in 1944. His early works were as a painter of vodou temples - Hounfors - and designer of Voodoo Flags. He was one of the select group of masters to decorate the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port-au-Prince. (The others were Prefete Duffaut, Wilson Bigaud, Philome Obin, Castera Bazile, and Rigaud Benoit).

Leontus was not open about his relationship with Vodou, and except for his very early work, avoided such themes in his art. He is famous for his still lives and bird scenes. Distinctive for their elegance, they include waterbirds of all types, swimming or standing in their natural element, surrounded by lush, imaginary vegetation. The fluency of line and rich, quiet palette of the artist, along with his subject matter, create a unique statement of his feelings for the Paradise Lost of Haiti's ecological past.

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