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Artists: Gladys Ruiz G.

Gladys Ruiz G.
GLADYS RUIZ GARCIA: "I was born in a nice morning on November 4, 1957, in Pucallpa city. My father is a small industrial and my mother a house wife, their names are: Manuel Ruiz Z. and Isabel Garcia; I have a big and beautiful family and I an the eighth daughter. I finished studying high school in 1975, then I travelled to Lima city very anxious to study in order to continue studying. In 1976, I studied Secretary at Jose Austino Sanchez Carrion Cenecape, and afterwards I have studied English at the Catholic University Language Center since 1977 to 1981; but I was really studying five years before by myself.

"In 1982 I came back to Pucallpa in order to look after a job as a Secretary, but on March of the same year I had one opportunity for working as an English teacher and I was so happy of course. Well I am thirteen years on teaching in a national high school and also now I am teaching in a private high school and in a private college. In 1993 I came twice to visit the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting, in those opportunities I was so impressed when I saw and I knew about the beautful things that students learn in this school. I returned my home but my heart was not with me, I was dreaming Usko-Ayar, and by myself I was saying I have to back there and a month later I visited the school again. I had the privilege to talk with Mr. Amaringo, the ex-shaman, after a very interesting talk I realized that don Pablo Amaringo is not a simple person, he is very clever scientific and a philosopher and he is an excellent teacher. I have asked to him to study in his school.

"I started to learn how to draw and then painting, I was invited to help in this beautiful project called Usko-Ayar to teach English. I am learning drawing and painting with the young ones. I am happy to stay and take part of the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting, because I am learning things that learn in no where else, as the honesty, goodness, just love, and humbleness."

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